Craft CMS

We Think You'll Be Crazy About Craft, Too!

There's only two CMS systems we use: ExpressionEngine and Craft. Craft was developed by a group of former developers of EE. They have already deployed their knowledge and experience to design a very modern CMS based on modern (future) development principles, learned from the shortcomings that many traditional CMS systems like Wordpress and Drupal are know for.

What makes Craft so special is its simplicity for front and back-end developers. It has the charm of a simple configurable system, highly flexible, robust and easy to use. Do not be fooled by the simplicity! Under the hood lies an extremely powerful CMS based on modern web frameworks such as (Yii and Twig), it's time far ahead. Craft can easily beat the competition with existing CMS systems.

A Commerce Craft CMS version is also available. This version is a complete web shop engine next to the standard CMS, with an ease of use that surpasses existing e-commerce platforms.

Why are we so enamored of Craft?
  • fast development times,
  • unprecedented support,
  • maximum flexibility and very stylish.
Why you should opt for the Craft CMS?
  • no limitations in structure,
  • quick learning curve for the administrator,
  • workflow to adapt to internal processes,
  • if multilingualism is a must,
  • webshop (Craft Commerce)
  • stable and extremely fast.
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  • [Photo: Craft CMS: entries]
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